Kariliss Laboratories

KARILISS LABORATORIES has built a reputation for its expertise in creating quality products with natural active ingredients sourced from Africa. The company’s grasp of African botanicals enables it to develop original and effective moisturizing hair care products. Numerous years of research and development on a product that promotes new hair growth lead to the creation of the KeraGro™ complex to meet the specific needs of dry and ultra dry hair.

Our values

  • Quality: Kariliss Laboratories’ values permeate all aspects of the product design and manufacturing cycle. The laboratories aspire to be a leader in the development of quality products with organic and fairtrade Shea butter.
  • Innovation: Kariliss Laboratories are constantly seeking effective and natural solutions to meet the particular needs of its clientele. Thus, the company brought KeraGro™, a 100% natural formula, with plant-based proteins and several organic oils for a super moisturizing hair.
  • Fair trade: Kariliss Laboratories pays a fair price for its raw materials.
  • Sharing: Kariliss Laboratories donates $1 from each sale of certain products (travel kit and certified organic Shea butter) to humanitarian organizations, such as the Gerba Foundation, the latter being involved in promoting basic education in Africa.
  • Solidarity: To help improve the living conditions of the women who produce Shea butter—a raw material with multiple benefits—and to ensure they have sufficient working capital, Kariliss Laboratories has introduced a community-based micro-finance system that enables the women to have a small advance with which to purchase Shea nuts during the harvest period.
  • Sustainable development: the laboratories’ manufacturing processes, corporate values and support for African producers form the core of its sustainable development policy.

Our commitment, a seal of quality:

  • To offer innovative products for hair and body care made with natural ingredients;
  • To offer products that meet your specific needs;
  • To guarantee the efficacy of our products;
  • To offer the best value for money on the market.