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Kariliss’ Founder in FORBES AFRICA !

Thank you Forbes Africa for this great article ! – “Amina Gerba cosmetics line is one of three businesses the native Cameroonian launched in her adopted Canada homeland, which includes Kariliss that distributes haircare products made with shea butter, and Afrique Expansion, a public relations and consulting firm that promotes a coming together of Africa […]

Video : Bye Bye Dry Hair Workshop

On May 13th we organized a workshop for our dear consumers. The aim of this workshop was to better understand its hair type and to adopt an effective hair care routine with Kariliss products, all in a friendly atmosphere as you will see in the video below 🙂

Alopecia, Hair Loss? No thanks!

hair loss

Whatever the problems associated with hair loss (alopecia, change of season, hormonal variations, chemotherapy, etc.), the problem often lies in the weakening or even death of the capillary bulb, The root of the hair. Our Hair Stimulating Serum with KeraGroTM is a strengthening concentrate that sheaths smooth and closes cuticles scales to increase hair robustness. […]

Tips: How to maintain dry hair.

Our products have been specifically designed for dry to very hair. They contain super rich and moisturizing active ingredients such as Shea butter, Argan oil, Baobab oil, Cumin oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Rosemary oil, to revive the driest, the most damaged and duller hair. In this post we give you some tips that will […]


Kariliss was first launched in 1998. Our corporate offices and warehouse are located in Laval Quebec. We currently provide private labeling for companies in Canada and USA.
Kariliss has a range of highly moisturizing hair care products that treat damaged hair while effectively preventing hair loss.