Alopecia, Hair Loss? No thanks!

hair loss

Whatever the problems associated with hair loss (alopecia, change of season, hormonal variations, chemotherapy, etc.), the problem often lies in the weakening or even death of the capillary bulb, The root of the hair.

Our Hair Stimulating Serum with KeraGroTM is a strengthening concentrate that sheaths smooth and closes cuticles scales to increase hair robustness.

Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, the active ingredients contained in the complex KeraGroTM can fight effectively against hair loss and at the same time stimulate the capillary bulb and generate more resistant hair growth. The hair grows faster and remains better anchored in the scalp.


This 100% natural daily treatment formulated with essential oils may seem fat for people who are not used to applying oils on their scalp and even more for those with fine hair. What we suggest is to apply it minimum 2h before the shampoo or the day before the shampoo before going to bed.

One to two drops of the serum should be applied directly to the scalp on the problem areas and then a 15-30 second massage to help the product penetrate more quickly into the root.

You can possibly cover your hair with a silk cap or scarf to spend the night, this will also help the treatment to make its effect through the heat that will occur.

As any treatment needs to be diligent, to obtain optimum results we recommend to apply it at least once a day every day for at least 8 weeks.

Your turn now ! 🙂